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About Us

Internet-only radio station that plays a mix of old-time music from the Midwest
At one time, WRJQ was an actual AM radio station in Appleton, WI, at 1570 on the dial.  It originally signed on as WAPL in 1952.  The station carried many formats as WAPL:  full service, easy listening, country, and even rock 'n roll.  In 1978, the call letters were changed to WVMS, which stood for "The Valley's Music Station."  The call letters were changed again in 1985 to WRJQ, and one more time in 2002 to the current WSCO.

Current owner Aaron Schuelke got his start in radio at WRJQ in 1994 at the age of 13. Aaron not only fell in love with radio, but with the music that WRJQ played, which was a mix of oldtime music and dance band music of the 40's, 50's and 60's.  He stayed with the station until 1996, when he moved on to other musical formats and radio stations, but never lost that "oompah bug."

While Schuelke was employed with WAPL-FM 105.7 in Appleton, WAPL's parent company, Woodward Communications, purchased WRJQ-AM and dumped the polka format in favor of sports talk.  Due to his obvious love for WRJQ, he was asked to be the one to throw the final sign-off switch in early 2002.  Dick Rodgers' "Polka Medley #2" was the final song broadcast on the AM version of WRJQ.  Woodward Communications kept the station off the air for about a month, and then re-launched it as "AM 1570, The Score, WSCO."

In late 2005, Schuelke decided to look into the feasibility and affordability of something relatively new called internet audio streaming.  By January 2006, everything was pretty much in place (although he will admit there was a large learning curve associated with websites and internet audio delivery ... and still is to this day) and Schuelke went public with WRJQRADIO.COM, a website dedicated to the memory of his childhood neighborhood radio station.  The website soon offered an internet stream 24 hours-a-day, featuring polka music.
"Goodtime Radio, WRJQ," as the station is now known, has studios in Schuelke's home on the northeast side of Appleton.  Thousands of listeners tune into WRJQ daily from around the globe.  
Listener contributions help to keep us here 24 hours-a-day.
You can either make a "One Time" Donation or set up a "Monthly" Donation. 
Anything made above and beyond our monthly goal stays in the radio station and is used to add music to our library or upgrade equipment & software, more powerful servers, etc.

Donation goals may change from time to time based on our licensing fees.  
Cash, checks or money orders may be sent to:

WRJQ Radio
806 E Frances St
Appleton, WI 54911

(Please make checks payable to Aaron Schuelke)
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